Lets get cooking


Mango Romnouf

The sweet treat with the right twist of tangliness for everyone..


Mango 1 pc= 300 grm
Whipped cream 200 ml
Sugar 200 grams
Vanilla sponge slice 1 pc.
Fresh cherries Few
Philadelphia cream cheese 75 grams
Soya Supreme cooking coil 1 table spoon


  • Peel the mango and cut few slices and chop the rest.
  • Using the whipped cream, cover the mango slices.
  •  Burn the sugar until golden color, add the oil let it cool down when it thickens.
  •  Apply some Soya Supreme Cooking oil to a spoon and spin the sugar syrup on it.
  •  Remove the net and put in on the plate to cover, garnish with cherries or chocolate sauce.