Vision & Mission


APAG aims to build loved and trusted brands for consumers across the globe. Through beautifully crafted Halal products that are symbols of lifestyle, convenience and health we aspire to transform simple meals into memorable feasts!

We are committed to achieve this through our EXQUISITE philosophy.

EXQUISITE philosophy

EX =Excellence in every area

Our products excel in presentation, in content, and application.


QU =Quality

The best quality product at the best price.

I= Innovation at all levels

Continually finding better ways to do everything.


S= Service

Provides Service to:

Consumers: Offer best possible food.

Employees: Hard work, commitment and loyalty will benefit every employee.

Each other: Cooperation amongst our departments will be fostered and rewarded

Community: We will generously give back to our community in every way possible.

I= Ingenuity

The quickest and easiest way to excel in every sense. To always improve.


T= Traditions

We use our historic commitment to feeding our country to propel us forward. We celebrate the contributions of our founders and all employees who built this company and made it what it is today.

E= Efficiency

Efficiency makes complex operations simple and impossible tasks possible. It means using fewer resources to create more.



At APAG health and convenience for our consumers is our prime objective this in turn helps consumers uplift their lifestyle. We will continuously strive to build equity by ensuring high quality and greater value products for our customers. We aim to expand our business beyond borders and become a multinational and eventually a global company.
Through continuous R &D we intend to be innovative and creative at every level i.e. from procurement to brands we offer, based on consumer needs.

Core Values

  • Maintaining integrity at every level
  • Demonstrating respect and compassion for every person
  • Embracing change for improvement and growth
  • Passion and commitment to go the extra mile
  • Innovation that realizes aspiration
  • Positive team spirit at all levels to ensure harmony amongst the APAG family
  • Excellence and efficiency at all levels
  • Recognizing and appreciating good work