The Malta range is the preferred choice of the intelligent house wife.

With the goodness of pure oils, blended to perfection, it delivers great quality and amazing flavor!


Pure goodness means pure health...

Good health starts from the kitchen. That’s why Malta Cooking Oil is your trusted choice. From frying pakoras to creating delicious curries, the taste of every dish is enhanced by Malta Cooking Oil, a blend of the purest vegetable oils, enriched with the goodness of Vitamins A & D. Renowned for its quality and taste for more than 50 years, Malta Cooking Oil is cholesterol free and easily digestible. Super refined at 255° centigrade, it is odorless making cooking a real pleasure and the food even tastier.

Malta banaspati

The taste that delights!

Creating magic in the kitchen is easy with Malta Banaspati! The economical choice, it is very popular with housewives who want to please their family. It is also the preferred choice for commercial establishments such as restaurants and cafes for its consistent quality and flavor. Containing Vitamins A & D, Malta Banaspati is the healthy way to keep your family and customers happy, with a taste that delights.

The malta range

The Malta brand has been trusted by housewives...

for more than 50 years for a reason – consistent quality and a great taste. With only the purest of ingredients and added Vitamins, it’s as good for your family as it is good to taste.